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Why Choose Aventex?


Whatever issue your company is experiencing with authentication or the management of identities. Whether your security department is anxious about the protection of administrative accounts, or your business is hampered by strenuous login procedures, we have you covered.


Because we have an expertise in all the different bits and pieces of the identity and Access Management field, we are able to come up with the best solution to address your concern and fit it with your existing solution and procedures.


The simplest solution on paper have a way of becoming complex when they are being implemented on a legacy environment. Our approach is all about  making sure a solution works, is right for you and fits your organization.


Identity and Access management projects take time, there is the collect of information the implementation and the validation process followed by the deployment and adoption. As these long project take place, your priority change your company evolve, new risks take precedence. That is why we like to bring up a small steps approach, with clearly defined objectives and success criterias. We firmly believe that the large investments occur when the project is validated and close to completion. It minimizes your risk and our pressure. 


We only recommend products and vendors we trust, tools we have developed expertise and solution we can support at home. There will be no finger pointing when it comes to your IdM solution. We stand by our projects, more often than not with a fixed price proposal 

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