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IdM Consulting
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Founded in 2017 by two veterans of the cybertech industry, Aventex is a consulting firm that delivers turn key solutions  in Identity and Access Management. Our expertise and solutions cover authentication management, Single Sign On, Identity Governance, and Privileged Account Management. 

Our Services

Our Servuces
Cloud Solutions

Whether you want to replace the core of your identity management system or simply secure the login to legacy applications Aventex has a cloud based solution for you.

Consulting Services

We diagnose, we help you prioritize and we assist you every step of the way.

Product Implementations

Some experts in our field favor times and materials engagements. That is not our approach. We like to get in the thick of it and take responsibility for the successful completion of your project 

Governance consulting services

Translating abstract regulations into concrete measures is not always easy. Our experts will help you each step of the way in order to meet your  compliance and regulatory standards . 

Support services

Your Identity management solution relies on a tool, its implementation and a set of procedures. The vendor support is often inadequate to address your question. Aventex offers a first line of support.


Ready to find out more?

Identity management is one of the pillars of your cybersecurity, but it is a domain which is often set aside because of its complexity. It is never a priority, but when you finally get to it, it feels like the more you study it and the more untangled it  becomes. Call an expert at Aventex, and let's see if we can help.

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